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Dayton Hamvention® 2016 - New Product Debut

Dayton Hamvention® 2016 - New Product Debut

As always, the Dayton Hamvention® provided ham radio manufacturers with a great opportunity to introduce new, improved or upgraded gear. Even if you were there, you probably didn't get to see it all, so once again, CQ is offering this sampling of new products introduced at Dayton 2016.

Our listings are broken down this year into two categories – Transceivers, Receivers and Amplifiers; and Station Accessories. Listings within each category are alphabetical by manufacturer. Each of our listings contains a brief description and a link, either to a more detailed description or to the manufacturer's website. Please note that the information presented here is provided by the manufacturers and CQ is not responsible for its accuracy.

Transceivers, Receivers and Amplifiers


DR-735T- VHF/UHF FM Xcvr; multicolor LCD display – Announced last year; now available

Array Solutions

OM Power 4000A/4000 HF amplifier


BCM-220 222 MHz FM mobile transceiver


Sienna XL Dual Touchscreen HF+6 transceiver kit with voice recognition


KX-2 Mini HF QRP Transceiver


IC-7300Touch-screen HF transceiver


Triband APRS/D-STAR VHF/UHF Handheld

LNR Precision

LD-11 – 11-band QRP transceiver

MTR-5B - Fully-assembled version of KD1JV-designed 5-band QRP transceiver


TRX-1 DMR-capable scanner, handheld

TRX-2 DMR-capable scanner, mobile


FT-891 - 1.8-50 MHz transceiver

Accessories Station

Array Solutions

Band pass filter systems

Universal Rotor Controller w/ USB


New variety of finishes for paddle bases


Maestro - Plug & Play console for remotely operating Flex-6000 series

Heil Sound

PR-77– Heil's version of the classic RCA broadcast mic


CAA-500 MkII Antenna Analyze

QRP Works

K-Board - WiFi adapter for using keyboard with Elecraft radios

W5YI Group

New Gordon West Extra Class license manual for 2016-2020 question pool

The information and listings above were provided by the respective manufacturers. CQ is not responsible for the accuracy of the information herein or for the omission of new products for which information was not provided to us.

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