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Attention CQ Subscribers!

Dear CQ Readers,

We are still experiencing delays with our January and February print editions.

Mail delivery is scheduled for March - followed shortly thereafter by a combined March/April issue of CQ. The combined March/April issue will only count as one issue of a subscription term.

Because of this change, both the SSB and CW results of the 2013 CQ World Wide DX Contest will be published in the May issue of CQ. Your patience is appreciated.

Please note! Subscribers can access the January and February issues via the cover links below. Click on the cover of the issue you wish to view and it will download for viewing. Please allow ample time for the issue to download.

Be sure to check out the premier issue or CQ Plus beginning on page 113 of CQ's February issue!

Please accept our sincere thanks for your patience during our recent transition.

CQ's January 2014 issue        CQ's February 2014 issue
CQ's January 2014 issue        CQ's February 2014 issue
Click on the cover to view!        Click on the cover to view!

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